Implementing A New Breed Of Property Education

Leading the way with a revolutionary online service including life-time access and 24/7 support systems. Holding your hand as you grow your property investment business.

We help people with access to financial resources invest in property, by teaching them how to start and grow a successful property business.

We believe in doing things differently, we don’t follow, we drive against the status quo. We believe in restoring things closer to the truth. We create new ways to improve the lives of our customers and clients. We build products to the market needs to restore value.

We cannot help everybody; we only work with people who we know that we can genuinely help get a return on their investment by working with us. As a result, we only work with people who we know are a good fit for what we have to offer.

At we teach the core fundamentals that your property business structurally depends on, and we aspire to hold your hand through your property journey, which is unique, to everyone’s individual personal circumstances.

We specialise in helping people with access to some financial resources invest their hard-earned money into property, so that they can stop trading their time for money, and start earning passive income through property, allowing them to have more time and freedom to do the things that they want to do.

We understand that everyday people aspire to have freedom and choice. Often people feel trapped and their life is governed by financial stress. This often keeps them working hard for 40 years and trading their valuable time for money, to end up with a pension that pays them less than what they were working for. Whether you are a business owner, self-employed or employed person, and you are stuck trading your time for money, this will only end up preventing you from reaching long term sustainable wealth. 

Do you feel like there is an invisible ceiling that you just can’t break each month? Are you stuck trading your time for money? And in order for you to make more money, you have to work harder, more hours, and as a result, you spend less time with your partner, family and friends.

Are you stuck working in an organisation whose values no longer align with your own? Perhaps you feel frustrated waking up to an alarm clock each day, working for someone else and to their schedule, constantly thinking about doing other things which you are more passionate about.


We understand. Richard too felt trapped in the corporate world, doing all of the above, and trading his valuable time for his hard-earned money. He felt unfulfilled, de-motivated, insecure and he was to some extent feeling angry and not in control of his destiny.

Richard had an epiphany moment when his Dad got made redundant at the age of 57 years of age. His Dad, had been working hard for 41 years and 3 months for a national bank. Richard says he didn’t see his Dad for much of his childhood, as he was spending more time at work, striving to fulfil his families’ basic needs.

At this point, Richard realised that job security didn’t exist, but the real painful problem was seeing his Dad, after 41 years, who worked so hard to fulfil his family’s financial security, discover just how little income a £1,000,000 pension actually provided.

Richard’s Dad had followed what society told him to do, which was go to school, get good grades, go to university, and then join the corporate world and pay into a pension. The end result would be that at the age of 60 you can retire, and have more time and freedom to finally enjoy yourself. But the reality is that this is so far from the truth.

It was at this moment that Richard had confirmed his questioning of society and confirmed his beliefs that the current education and employment system had quite a lot of flaws. Richard and his father realised at this moment, that they needed to invest in property and they had to make it work.

“I realised that I needed to do something different, something needed to change. I felt growing up that the education system had missed out fundamental ingredients surrounding the most important things to a human being’s success. How to use your money to make money. No one taught me at school, that financial literacy was the only thing that mattered to cementing your financial security. One thing that I have learnt throughout my own journey as an Entrepreneur is that life isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about how much money you keep.”

We value the customer by using technology so that you can get started right away, without having to spend £20,000 on 12 months of property education.

We created a new way of educating people which is totally turning the tides on the traditional property education market.

We’d love for you to join us on this amazing journey, where win together. Winning alone is soulless, winning together is success.

We help people stop trading their time for money

This specimen represents 99% of people who are pre- conditioned by society to live frugally and pay down their mortgage for the next forty years, the everyday person ends up paying into a pension fund that prevents them from achieving long term financial independence. They don’t know how to make their money work hard for them. This concept which is governed by a social paradigm that completely eradicates this key ingredient from the conventional education system, inhibits your ability to open up the floodgates to financial independence, and this keeps the everyday person trapped in a social system, where people continue to trade time for money.

Build property portfolios to secure their financial independence and have more freedom

This specimen is rare accounting for only 1% of the world’s population. The people that understand financial literacy, know how to make their money work for them. 90% of self-made millionaires come from investing in property and real estate. Their plans are long- term. They don’t’ make financial decisions based on instant gratification. We teach you how to become one of these specimens so you can fulfil your passion and reach financial freedom, ensuring that you are making your money work hard for you, with expert knowledge and confidence. We teach you how to invest safely with predictably and certainty in ever changing markets.

Here’s How It Works provides you with everything that you need to become a successful property investor and build passive income, so that you can have more time to do the things that you want to do. No lecturing – we provide you with the property systems and tools so you can simply plug in and play.

Proven Process

We have turned the guesswork of buying good property investments into an exact science. Follow practical step-by-step processes and instructions, using our secure business systems, to track property metrics and avoid the common pitfalls which the vast majority of 'want to be' property investors make when starting to grow a property investment business.

Mental Reprogramming

We have created a new way of thinking about the world that we live in. We totally go against the status quo and create a new paradigm with you. The way that we are educated by society to use our money is frugal, and keeps you trapped. At school, we aren’t taught financial literacy. We filled this void and re-invented the wheel, to show you how to make your money work hard, so you don’t have to.

Entrepreneur Community

It’s hard to change your life surrounded by people who see life from a traditional perspective. If you keep doing the things that you already do, you will get more of what you already have. In order to change you need to join an active community of property entrepreneurs around you. It is likely that you will even find your next Joint Venture partner within this community.

Expert Mentorship

No matter how good the property training is, you’ll always have questions and need help along the way. Get 24/7 access to expert professionals in their respective property fields, and our coaches who are actively growing their property business and generating passive income streams past 6-figures per annum. We have a dedicated FB group, weekly livestream Q&A calls and email.

We Teach Property Growth Mind-Set

Most property courses teach just a specific strategy like buy-to-let, rent to rent, HMO. Most teach every property strategy going and this leads to clueless property entrepreneurs who don’t understand the whole. They have lost sight of their core products and this filters down to the students who receive generalist information built on no foundations. To succeed as a property entrepreneur and really make your money work hard for you, so that can you live life on your terms and become financially independent, you need to build a “property growth mind-set” – five interconnected layers of consciousness built on top of each other.

The success of your property business structurally depends on the foundations that you are laying:


Focus, strategic financial planning, problem solving, time-management


Mission, vision, discipline, identity, beliefs

Business Principles

Frameworks, concepts, mental programming

Business Discipline

Property strategy, marketing, property management

Property Systems

Tools, metrics, systems, spreadsheets, workflow processes

Learn More About Our Methodology


HOW TO START & GROW A “HYPER-PROFITABLE” PROPERTY BUSINESS "Join me on this LIVE online masterclass and start building the life you truly desire and deserve."

Learn everything, conquer anything, the eighth wonder of the world.

We teach you how to collect compound interest, by building a property business from scratch.

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world, those who understand it earn it, those who don’t pay it”. – Albert Einstein

Psychology & Neuroscience

We introduce you to a new paradigm that will make sure that you think about money in the same way that the wealthy do, so you too can create long term sustainable wealth.

Problem Solving

How to think clearly and solve other people’s property problems. We teach you long term thinking so you can see opportunities ahead of time.

Financial Literacy

We teach you the financial model that allows you to grow your property business at an exponential rate and really make your money work hard for you.

Property Metrics & Numbers

We teach you how to generate 25% – 33% return on investment with each property deal. We teach the property numbers, the specialist language and what it means. We break down property numbers into Lego blocks so you know what a good property investment looks like, and the methodology behind the automated systems and spreadsheets.

Project Management

Project Gantt charts are essential to managing your property refurbishments to ensure that they come in on time and cost. We teach you exactly how to manage your property projects from remote locations, allowing you to scale with reliability and efficiency.

Management & Hiring

How to hire property management teams, building contractors and property professionals such as property legal personnel, accountants, sourcing agents etc.

Research & Development

How to find your property investment area and understanding where to invest based on your individual personal circumstances. We provide you with the tools to analyse data and make solid investment decisions around metrics taking out the guesswork.

Property Cashflow Management

How to cashflow forecast property projects and ensure that your property business makes financial sense. Something, we feel has been missed out in other courses. Your property business structurally depends on this.

Property Tax & Accounting

How to incorporating your property business, structuring it efficiently to suit specific property strategies and projects, doing your books, financial tracking and portfolio management.


How to manage your entire property business including financial tracking, portfolio growth and asset protection. How to systemize your entire business using a decentralised business model to optimize efficiency and scalability using leverage.

JV / Raising Finance

How to raise finance from joint venture partners for your property projects to allow you to scale. This is the secret weapon to all successful property investors and developers. Richard, provides you with his exact legal templates and structures, that he has used to help him generate a ton of private investment to rapidly scale his property business.

Property Investment Structures

How to set up and structure specific property deals using specialist legal structures, so that you can minimise risk and protect your property assets as you grow and scale your property business.

The Property Investors Journey From Novice To Expert

We are different. We don’t sell individual courses, holding back information and up-selling. We value the customer. We don’t hold anything back; we provide you with everything that you need to grow a successful property business for a fraction of the price. We believe in giving people opportunity to change their lives. We want you to spend your money on buying income generating assets that benefit you.

We take the little guy on an amazing adventure who has never invested in property before that will completely change their lives.



How to start a wildly profitable property business that takes you to financial freedom, regardless of your previous knowledge or experience.

Goal: Generate a passive income stream through property, from 0 to low 6 figures a year.




How to scale your property business to another level by doing bigger projects, such as commercial to residential developments.

Goal: Scale from a net passive income of 5 figures a year to mid 6 – figures per annum with less projects.




How to scale your property business to seven figures and beyond by setting a entirely new standard of excellence and creativity.

Goal: Land development and capital intensive projects growing from mid 6 figures to 7 figures a year.



HOW TO START & GROW A “HYPER-PROFITABLE” PROPERTY BUSINESS "Join me on this LIVE online masterclass and start building the life you truly desire and deserve."


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